About the fair


AUF is a platform designed to give visibility to AFRICAN & GHANAIAN UNIVERSITIES in the main, who have come up with the need to offer their University opportunities to Nigerian Students in a structured, more conducive and sustainable environment.

The aim is for African & Ghanaian Universities that believe in and support the growth of World Class Quality University Education to improve standards and enhance the output of high class Nigerian graduates in the years ahead


We believe that Africa shouldn’t be treated as just a Sourcing Market, so why not a University Fair for Ghanaian, indeed African Universities for African Students

Also time for Ghana Universities to involve our local planners, to create a structured platform a provide a competitive BIG PICTURE for Nigerian Students

Desire Ghana Universities that are serious about University education in Africa in the long term to start to invest in & include Nigeria as a show center

This will finally indicate that Ghana Universities engaging Nigerian students are ready to give Nigerian Student a….


Heavy Focus on Universities in UK, USA, Australia with less focus on the African Universities, especially Ghana.

Good Universities in Ghana for Nigerian Students.

Visa challenges overcome by attending Ghana Universities

Proximity to home

Cost Benefit in terms of tuition and living


Youth, Students

Unemployed Graduates

Parents & the Future